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Published: June 14th 2010
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Leah Gold
Pic: DW Communications
Toyota Wrapped
Pic: DW Communications

Artist Leah Gold has painted on canvases and murals, but having her work displayed on a truck is a first for the young painter. Gold helped turn a moving vehicle into a moving work of art as part of Art on the Move.




An initiative of Arts Etobicoke and Lakeshore Arts, Art on the Move is a three-year project that teams up artists and community members to bring contemporary art to the streets of Toronto.




Now in its second year, the project has created five groups encompassing vehicle owners, artists and community groups. Gold had the opportunity to work with seniors from the Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre to transform a private contractor’s truck into a work of art.




“The process was a lot more drawn out because it’s not actually painted directly on a truck,” reveals Gold. “It’s a digital painting that was printed on vinyl, like when they do ads on the TTC. So if you ever see a street car totally covered in an ad, that’s a vinyl wrap. It was sort of a longer process of doing a whole bunch of paintings and drawings.”




Gold describes her experience working with seniors on Art on the Move as “fantastic.” “It was a definite learning experience, mostly because of that process of bringing everything together digitally,” she says. “But for me, it was pretty exciting since it fused a lot of things I’m interested in. Bringing together community groups, teaching, large-scale art works, public art and having it all be synthesized into one final piece.”




The artist admits that when she first got involved with the project, she didn’t know what to expect. However, she was pleasantly surprised with the seniors’ talents. “I was definitely impressed. There was a mix of experiences within the group. So there were some people who’d been painting their whole life. There were some people who had started with the seniors’ art group at Davenport Centre a few years ago. And I was really impressed with those people in particular, people who came to it later in life and were willing to try to learn a new skill,” says Gold. “There was a lot of talent in the group.”




While Gold passed on her knowledge as an artist, she was able to learn a lot from the seniors themselves. “I learned that your whole life you can keep having new experiences and you can keep putting yourself out there and trying new things. I met a lot of people through the group who had really interesting life stories.”




As a kid, Gold didn’t dream of becoming an actress or an astronaut – it was always a painter. “I was pretty confident that this was what I was into,” she says.




She remembers crafting her first drawings and giving them to her bubbie, who put them up in her condo. After high school, Gold decided to pursue a career in the arts. She got her BSA in painting from Concordia University and now teaches her own classes.




Art lovers can check out Gold’s work at the National Yacht Club on June 16, where all the vehicles from Art on the Move will be unveiled. Gold will also have her work on display at the Queen West Art Crawl in September. 




To learn more about Leah Gold, visit more on Art on the Move, visit

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