Zanna Seipp-Katz Heats Up Sketch Com-Ageddon

Published: June 14th 2010
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Warm Summer Hotness (Seipp Katz is in the middle)

According to their Facebook page, the members of Warm Summer Hotness met while taking improv classes at The Second City and bonded over their mutual love of drinking and mutual hatred of everything else. The one-year-old sketch comedy troupe comprises five young comedians who are taking on Sketch Com-Ageddon this month with the hopes of getting into the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival in November. Shalom Life exchanged emails with Zanna Seipp Katz, the 25-year-old token Jewish member of the group, about her comedic influences, what sets their group apart, and how she came up with that name.




What inspired the name Warm Summer Hotness?


I guess I am to blame for that one. Our first official meeting as a troupe happened to fall on the first hot day of the year last April. It was more than 27 degrees that day and instead of sitting around in my apartment discussing our new troupe, we decided to drink and eat at a nearby patio. I had been ‘sipping’ some wine for quite awhile when CityNews came by to interview people enjoying the nice weather. When they asked me how I was enjoying the heat I replied with “I thrive off of warm summer hotness.” And then we were born.




How would you describe the philosophy behind Warm Summer Hotness? What sets you apart from other groups?


To keep fit and have fun – wait, that’s not us. Hmm…I think what sets us apart is that we are smart-funny, not to say other troupes aren’t, but I feel that we don’t go for the obvious joke. We also use props. Lots of props. We love our props.




Can you tell me the background to the show “Prorogued”? What can audiences expect from that show at Sketch Com-Ageddon?


Prorogued was our first show that was all ours! We put together a bunch of our best sketches and made them into an hour and a half show. We were terrified that it would blow up in our faces and to our surprise, we sold out and got AMAZING feedback – so amazing that we remounted the show the following month to yet another sold-out crowd.


We’re going to be doing something from that show, something we will be retiring after Tuesday. We are all pretty excited we get to do it one last time. What is it you ask? A parliamentary rap battle of course!




What’s your process for putting together a sketch? From where do you source your material?


Sometimes we come up with an idea as a group and someone will run with it. Sometimes we come up with ideas through improv and sometimes it comes from the day-to-day hilarity that is life. We will explore just about anything we think has some schmaltz to it.




As the only Jew in your group, do you ever work in Jewish themes?


I guess the Jewish theme that is constant is me! We haven’t really worked in Jewish themes as of yet but I’m sure we will because there is some good material to be had! Don’t we all have a good Passover story?




Does your Jewish background affect your career at all – especially as a comedian?


I would say it has given me nuance and characters. If nothing else, Jews know how to deliver a joke!




What do you like about sketch comedy over other forms?


Sketch is short, sweet and hopefully funny. I’m short, sweet and hopefully funny so I guess I like it because we are similar.




Who are your comedic influences?


Bette Midler has been my idol since the age of three – she is the reason I wanted to perform. I also love Sarah Silverman. She is one meshuganeh woman.




Where do you want to take Warm Summer Hotness in the future?


I want to take us to Disney World – just because we would have fun.


I have no idea what the future holds. Ideally, I just hope we keep having fun and making people laugh. Most importantly making ourselves laugh. I would also love to see us in [the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival] one day.




Warm Summer Hotness performs tonight at 8 p.m. at the Comedy Bar (945 Bloor Street West). Sketch Com-Ageddon runs June 15-19 at the Comedy Bar. For more information, visit

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