Periodic Highway Closures during G20

Published: June 11th 2010
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From Thursday June 24th through Sunday June 27th, Toronto will be hosting the G20 summit; its inhabitants, however, will likely be more concerned with local matters, including rolling highway closures and severely restricted parking.


In fact, your car may very well be relocated if you don’t carefully read the changed parking signs. The city does, however, provide a number to call if this becomes your unfortunate fate.


Thursday through Saturday, there will be lane restrictions on highway 401 eastbound, as well as on highway 427 southbound, which will also experience periodic full closures. During these periods, southbound traffic will be expected to exit to westbound QEW.


The eastbound QEW/Gardiner Expressway: expect periodic full closures and significant delays during these periods. At Highway 427, all eastbound traffic will be re-routed to Highway 427 northbound. The eastbound York, Bay, Yonge Streets exit will be closed.


This is just a small cross section of the impending closures. For more detailed information, please visit


The CBC reported that there will also be a healthy increase in police officers during this time, though some feel as though this is unnecessary, even invasive.


"The excessive arming of the police force, the demonization of Torontonians, the G8/G20 bully pulpit has created a dangerous power imbalance," said Greg Thomas, a member of the Toronto Community Mobilization Network.


Opinions aside, Toronto will unequivocally feel markedly more congested than usual between June 24th and 27th. A suggestion: Perhaps plan your routes to work and elsewhere in advance.


Or at least keep some good reading material handy.


(Shalom Life does not condone reading while driving.)

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