Turkey Votes against Iran Sanctions

Published: June 11th 2010
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The United States has viewed Turkey’s most recent vote against a fourth round of UN sanctions against Iran as a “slap in the face.”


Turkey and Brazil were the only votes against the sanctions, while Lebanon abstained from voting altogether, Haaretz reported.


The resolution passed by the 15-nation council was the result of five months of deliberations between the U.S., France, Britain, China, Russia and Germany. With 12 votes in favour, the resolution received the least amount of votes of all rounds of proposed sanctions against Iran, since 2006.


According to U.S. State Department Spokesman Philip Crowley, "we think coming out of the UN Security Council today is a very strong statement. It was not unanimous. Obviously, it will be up to Turkey and Brazil to explain their votes and their rationale."


"Clearly, we’ve had disagreements over specific tactics, but we will continue to work with Turkey, Brazil and other countries as we go through implementation of 1929," Crowley added, referring to Security Council resolution 1929, which increases the cost of Iran’s continued defiance of the international community, and attempts to convince Iran that it is in its interest to diplomatically resolve concerns regarding its nuclear program.


The sanctions focus on Iran's Revolutionary Guard, who helps organize the development of much of Iran's nuclear program.


Many are concerned, however, that the current round of sanctions will not stop Iran’s flow of materials, especially regarding the country’s history of evading past sanctions.

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