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Published: June 10th 2010
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Self portrait
Pic: Jason Ryant
Ghost Station
Pic: Jason Ryant
Hammer and Light
Pic: Jason Ryant

“In the past two years I've shot so many ranges of categories, people, landscapes, fine art, product, still life and I have an idea of what I enjoy doing, but I don't know what I want to pursue 100% yet,” he says. “There are a lot of photographers in the city. Too many for the work that is out there.”        


For now, he is happy to explore different avenues and is setting up contracts as a wedding photographer.           


“I think for amateurs and professionals alike it's kind of a catch-all. Everybody knows someone who is getting married. You get into it through friends, but it is grueling work and unless you find some fun in it, it's just going to feel like work,” he says.         


Apart from wedding photography, Ryant enjoys the multi-faceted, one-on-one interaction of portraiture and illuminating the powerful emotional impact of landscape photographs. 


Ryant's 8' x 3' shot of the Vancouver harbour was exhibited at his year-end gallery showing and achieved his aim of bringing people to stillness. 


“I wanted people to be drawn into this photograph and to stand there and immerse themselves in it, which they did,” he says.


The photograph will be on display in a new coffee shop at Main and Broadway in the coming month.


With any luck, it will attract the requisite retinue of retinas to launch his career.











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