Kuwaiti Journalist Supports Israel

Published: June 9th 2010
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In these times when Israel is constantly under attack from sources around the world because of the raid on the Gaza aid flotilla, it’s surprising to find a news report supporting Israel coming from Kuwait of all places.


The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported that Kuwaiti journalist Abdallah Al-Hadlaq of Al-Watan, an Arabic language daily newspaper, published an article on June 3 in which he expressed support for Israel’s actions during the raid on the ships that participated in the Gaza aid flotilla. Al-Hadlaq claimed in his article that Israel’s operation was in direct proportion to the violence of the activists, and that the flotilla’s organizers “are known to have ties with global and regional terror organizations.”


The excerpts from Al-Hadlaq’s article that were published by MEMRI indicate that Al-Hadlaq states that the Israeli navy had no choice but to take over the ships, since the activists on board ignored repeated warnings and requests to dock in Ashdod Port and unload the supplies there. Once on board the ships, the IDF soldiers encountered a violent opposition with weapons, which as Al-Hadlaq says “had clearly been prepared in advance... and the soldiers had no choice but to respond, including with live fire.” He adds that according to the 1993 Oslo Accords, Israel continues to control a 40-kilometer strip of water off the coast of Gaza.


Al-Hadlaq’s report also states that the flotilla’s organizers are supporters of radical Islamic groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda. He adds that Israel’s raid of the ships was legal and justified since had the flotilla been allowed to enter Gaza, it would have opened a route for smuggling of weapons into the Strip. “No sovereign country would allow its citizens or its sovereignty to be harmed,” says Al-Hadlaq.


Another excerpt quoted in the MEMRI report states: “The protests and demonstrations that broke out in various capitals are without meaning or value, as are the emergency summits [convened by] the Arab League, the E.U. and the U.N. The wave of protests will not change a thing, but a full and immediate investigation of the events will reveal all the details of what really happened... and [then] everyone will know the truth about the Hamas movement...”


This is not the first time that Al-Hadlaq has supported Israel or criticized groups such as Hamas. In 2008 he strongly criticized Hamas and Hezbollah for the terror attack at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, which he called “the ugliest expression of extremist, inhumane terrorism advocated by the Hamas and Hizbollah terrorist organizations.”


The Kuwait Times reported on March 22, 2009 that Al-Hadlaq had urged Kuwait to stop its boycott of Israel and end its 50-year feud with the country. The report also said that Al-Hadlaq expressed support of Israel’s democracy which he described as “a unique model” that has surpassed many “tyrannical, totalitarian Arab regimes”. He also said that he hated the regimes of Syria and Iran.

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