Iran Sanctions Passed by UN Security Council

Published: June 9th 2010
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The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday voted in favour of new sanctions against Iran, a move that paves the way for ramped up US sanctions.


The passing vote is seen as a triumph by the Obama Administration in its attempt to gather international support for a program of isolating Iran until it comes clean on its nuclear program.


Iran has long been accused by the West of using its program for nuclear energy as a cover for developing atomic weapons.


Pertinent to the passage of the new sanctions was convincing Russia and China, two permanent members of the Security Council who hold veto power and are major trading partners with Iran, to sign on.


The new regime expands current sanctions and carves out a niche in international law that would allow individual countries to sanction Iran’s banking and energy sectors.


Expanded Iran sanctions are expected to pass US Congress by the end of June.


US Representative Howard Berman (D-CA), who is the head sponsor of increased sanctions legislation, told JTA, "We now look to the European Union and other key nations that share our deep concern about Iran's nuclear intentions to build on the Security Council resolution by imposing tougher national measures that will deepen Iran's isolation and, hopefully, bring the Iranian leadership to its sense.”


In a statement, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) expressed a similar viewpoint: "We call on our government and our allies – including the European Union – to immediately implement complementary and crippling sanctions, as authorized by this resolution, to stop Iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability before it is too late.”


A deal reached recently by Turkey and Brazil to enrich a portion of Iran’s uranium abroad to add transparency to the country’s nuclear program has been widely panned by the US and other Western nations. The plan would have allowed Iran to keep enough uranium to built at least one nuclear bomb.


Out of the Security Council’s 15 members, 12 voted in support of the measure, with Turkey and Brazil opposed and Lebanon abstaining.

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