Turkey Was Prepared for Violence Aboard Flotilla

Published: June 9th 2010
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Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan

According to Israel’s Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (Malam), the radical Islamic Turkish group IHH in fact led the violent confrontation aboard the Mavi Marmara flotilla on May 31st.


Furthermore, Malam reported that the Turkish government supported the actions of the IHH (a Turkish acronym for what translates into The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief), and that Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was, in fact, aware of the plans for violence.


Malam is a private organization that acts as an unofficial branch of Israel's intelligence community, and has acted in the past as a medium through which the country's intelligence findings were relayed to the public.


According to the investigation, the violence was not spontaneous, but organized, and carried out by a group of 40 hardcore IHH members, who were among the 500 passengers in total. They did not undergo a security inspection upon boarding the ship like the rest of the passengers.


The Malam report also revealed that the IHH operatives wore ceramic vests and gas masks, and were armed with large quantities of cold weapons which they had prepared from equipment found on board (including knives, axes, metal cables, metal pipes used as clubs, wrenches, etc.).


The passengers on the ship also apparently stated that there were close ties between the organization and the Turkish Prime Minister, further reinforcing the original assessment that the flotilla’s primary goal was not to bring aid to Gaza civilians, but rather to provoke and violently confront Israel.


Passengers aboard the ship confirmed that Prime Minister Erdogan maintains close contact with the IHH.


According to the released Malam document: “Passengers said that before the flotilla set sail, Prime Minister Erdogan constructed a scenario based on a possible confrontation with Israel which he could use to further his own needs. The statements were supported by descriptions found in files on laptop computers belonging to the passengers.”


As well, footage filmed on the upper deck of the Mavi Marmara matched testimonies of the passengers, who claimed they did not witness any violence, as they were denied access to the deck, where the fighting occurred.


When questioned by Israeli security forces, an IHH journalist said that "the Turks set a trap for you and you fell straight into it." He also said that the recent flotilla was the first in many.


The journalist also added that the affair of the flotilla served to strengthen Erdogan’s status in Turkey, turning him into the leader of Islamic world.


According to the Malam reports, it also became clear that Prime Minister Erdogan’s power base is built on IHH activists, and that without their help, he could not have been elected prime minister.


The same journalist also stated that while he had visited the Gaza Strip as part of a humanitarian


Delegation, his impression was that there was no distress or lack [of commodities] in the region. “Everything is propaganda,” he added.


This report compiled by Israel’s Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center confirms what many have already surmised regarding the flotilla incident, and sheds light on any gray areas or gaps created by various media coverage.


Now, not only are there pictures and video footage, but official reports to supplement and support that which has already been released.

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