Israeli Students to Form their Own Flotilla

Published: June 8th 2010
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A yacht flying the Israeli flag
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 Israel’s National Student Union is planning its own flotilla featuring hundreds of Israeli yachts which will intercept all incoming foreign flotillas trying to pass through the Gaza blockade.


Boaz Toporovsky, the chairman of the student union, told Haaretz that 400 yacht owners will potentially be involved in the Israeli flotilla. The endeavor is scheduled to begin in two weeks.


"Our wish is to talk with the members of the flotilla, to see if they want to talk to us, and to ask them why the problems of Israel, in Gaza and Palestine, are disturbing them," Toporovsky told Haaretz on Tuesday. "We would ask why they are not talking about the Kurdish minority or the Armenians that were murdered or many other problems? We want to expose the truth, this hypocrisy and the absurdity."


The Free Gaza movement is currently raising funds for a new Gaza flotilla, with rumours circulating that it will consist of three ships.


To counter this, the student union is trying to raise its own funds with the help of an NGO made up of former members of the Israeli navy.


Toporovsky stated that they have been talking about sailing their flotilla to Turkey or northern Cyprus, areas with high concentrations of Kurds. 

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