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Published: June 7th 2010
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Peter Silberman (centre) fronts The Antlers
Pic: Artist's Myspace page
Hospice album cover
Pic: Artist's Myspace page

Initially a solo project, The Antlers – fronted by Peter Silberman – has since expanded in terms of band members and followers. They’ve toured throughout North America and Europe in support of their latest album, Hospice – including Toronto, where they’re playing today and tomorrow at Massey Hall alongside The National.


Hospice is an intimate album that focuses on moments in the life of a hospice worker and different relationships in his life. Silberman talks about the critically acclaimed album and his indie band’s upcoming projects with Shalom Life.


When did you first get involved with music?


I've been playing guitar since I was about six years old (my dad taught me). Since then, I've been writing songs (terrible ones for a while) and playing in bands, recording and whatnot. I've played music longer than I've done most things in my life thus far.


What artists are you listening to right now?


I've been listening to Magical Mystery Tour for the past few days. Otherwise, it's been Four Tet and that Tobacco record from a couple of years ago. 


How much of your music is autobiographical?


It's all autobiographical, but it's not necessarily told as a story meant to be taken literally.  Antlers songs are fact transformed into fiction.


What has been your career highlight so far?


There have been so many, and new ones continue to trump old ones. Playing the Brooklyn Academy of Music with a horn section was pretty amazing, but something tells me that playing Radio City Music Hall with The National might top that.


Because the album is so personal, what’s it like performing live to an audience?


The more we tour, the more the audience seems connected to the album and the songs within.  It makes shows feel less like divulging something private and more like sharing something with compassionate people.


You’re going to be touring the U.S. and Canada with The National. How did that partnership come about?


It was magic! I could explain how it all came about, but it's mostly a story about email and similar things that wouldn't be very exciting to explain or read.


Have you guys started working on a new project?


Yes!  We've been working for a few months now on something new. It's still top secret, but it'll emerge some day in the future...


The Antlers will also be making stops in Montreal in July. For a list of tour dates, visit

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