He Could be Reading Your Mind Right Now

Published: June 6th 2010
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For Haim Goldenberg, the power of belief trumps all else.


The acclaimed mentalist and star of the hit television series GoldMind illustrates this point by recounting a story from his childhood.


Goldenberg first became captivated by mentalism as a six-year old growing up in Israel. One day he witnessed famed Israeli mentalist Uri Geller bending a spoon.


For two years, young Haim woke up every morning and tried to make a spoon bend just like he’d seen his hero Geller doing. And for those two years, nothing much happened. But as he truly believed that he could bend a spoon, he never gave up hope. Fast forward, one morning when he was eight-years old, Goldenberg woke up and went through the same routine as always, closing his eyes and attempting to bend the spoon. Low and behold, this time when he opened his eyes, the spoon was bent, just like Uri Geller did it.


And he hasn’t looked back since.


“This moment was very strong for me because I believed and I succeeded,” he told Shalom Life. “Two years ago, my mother reminded me of this story. She actually told me that the day before she bent all the spoons! So it wasn't real. But I believed it was real. So believing is the basis for everything else.”


Goldenberg has done remarkable things since he was an earnest kid dreaming about spoon bending all those years ago. He’s driven blindfolded through traffic in Toronto and Tel Aviv. He’s paid for goods at a market with blank pieces of paper. He shocked doctors by stopping his pulse.


Fourteen years ago, he became a professional mentalist after completing his army service. Today, at 35, he still practices every day. 


“My real work is to practice every day, by talking to other mentalists and trying to figure out new stuff, by trying out new stuff if I have a new idea,” he said.


After years of fine tuning his senses and honing his mind, bending spoons has got to be almost second nature to the mentalist. However, it still leaves audiences gobsmacked.


“Almost everything is a mind trick,” he said. “If you go to a psychologist, he’ll do mind tricks on you. If you go to a salesperson, he’ll do mind tricks on you.”


One of Goldenberg’s favourite moments occurred on his TV show when he made a skeptical veteran radio host unable to speak. He recalls how powerful that moment was. It surprised even him. It seems almost, dare you say it, supernatural.


“I definitely don’t have any supernatural powers at all,” he said. “Everybody can do exactly what I do. It just depends how long you practice and how talented and open-minded you are. I don’t believe anyone has special powers.”


Goldenberg talks a lot about intuition, about the many subtle methods that can be used to glean information from people, about the implicit clues he uses to shockingly know exactly what you’re thinking.


If what he does is not pure mind reading, it sure seems like it. 


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