Top 3 YouTube Videos are of Gaza Flotilla Footage

Published: June 3rd 2010
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Activists throw IDF soldier off ship
Pic: YouTube

With the mass of online public news articles, sound bites, but most of all videos of the flotilla crisis in Gaza, the leaked media exposure of the tragic event has reached a popularity of such heights that YouTube has now reported to have the three most viewed videos in the world.


In fact, online videos have become the most watched and most influential forms of media covering this week’s Gaza flotilla raid.


In recent days, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has posted three of the four most viewed clips on YouTube. These videos were taken from a camera aboard the Mavi Marmara ship as well as from overhead military helicopters and adjacent navy vessels. One such video shown here was initially broadcast on Al Jazeera.


The videos were posted within days of the raid of one of the “Free Gaza” ships which carried aid on its way towards the blockade of Gaza before being intercepted by Israeli Defence Forces, resulting in 9 deaths and dozens of injuries on Monday morning.


The most watched YouTube video on Wednesday, reaching 1.2 million views by 7 p.m Israeli time according to Haaretz, depicted activists being violent with metal poles towards IDF soldiers. The video was taken by an adjacent Israeli navy vessel with soldiers yelling soldiers to be alert whilst descending onto the Gaza aid ship.


Another video, which also garnered close to one million views, was taken from an overhead Israeli military helicopter. This one shows an IDF intercepting boat alongside the Marmara ship.


This third clip containing a communications between the commandos and activists had over 650,000 viewers.


Another one, of an Al Jazeera broadcast, shows activists fleeing from IDF troops. This one had approximately 616,000 viewers by Wednesday evening, bringing it to the fourth place of most watched YouTube videos in the world. This video was the first, however, to be posted on YouTube and was followed by those released by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.


The back and forth of recent leaked footage of the incident has caused a public relations battle online. The videos posted on YouTube have even had to have their comments disabled by the site’s operators. 




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