All in the Same Boat

Published: June 3rd 2010
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The MS Mavi Marmara
Pic: IDF Spokesperson

The flotilla affair was the hour of the “advisors.” Many “experts” raised their voices in Israel and elsewhere. All are clever and witty; all know naval tactics perfectly well, as though they were veterans of the marines, special units’ commanders and senior Intelligence officers. All, from the soldiers who hung down the rope to the pre-planned lynch on Marmara’s deck, to the Minister of Defence and the Prime Minister, behaved with poor judgement. If only the “advisors” and “experts” sat on the leaders’ chairs, Israel would have been benefited with great marshals and statesmen who are knowledgeable in all fields of expertise and immune to any inadvertency or mistake.


The flotilla affair has many aspects. First and foremost, there is a deteriorating geopolitical atmosphere in the Middle East, the gradual transformation of Turkey into an enemy of Israel and a strategy striving to bind the hands of Israel from exerting the right to self defence. The organizers of the flotilla and those behind it – Turkey, radical Islamic organizations, leftist and human rights organizations – intended to create international shock waves and impose restrictions on Israel whether by violent confrontation as occurred or by defiant breaking of the siege.


It is not a onetime “protest”, but a devised plan; its next stages may include dispatching from Lebanese ports ships packed with Palestinian refugees, many of whom are “peace activists” of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad along with international “peace activists.” Dozens and maybe hundreds of boats will head to the port of Tel Aviv in their humanitarian mission to return to the homeland of Palestine. Hezbollah will deport them willingly and with their consent and the dilemma will be intensified. How could Israel resist the return of the “deported” refugees from Lebanon on Tel Aviv’s coast?  If Israel absorbs the refugees from Sudan and Eretria there would be no justification for closing the borders to those who were born in Palestine and became once more refugees. Israel will probably be accused of violating the international law, failing to comply with resolution 194 and numerous other UN resolutions regarding the Palestinian refugees.


A golden opportunity has emerged for the “advisors” and “experts” to express their voice and opinion, now beforehand and not retroactively. The floor is yours to advise how Israel should behave in this aforementioned scenario and when the flotilla of the “peace seekers” are escorted with Turkey’s destroyers and warplanes in order to coerce Israel to abide by the international law. Should Israel confront the peaceful flotilla and jeopardize its relations with its close friend Turkey and other countries or to accept settling the successive waves of Palestinian peace seekers in Tel Aviv as a humanitarian gesture and consequently gaining the sympathy of the world. All of Israel, from left to right, are in the same boat and no one has an interest in adopting the option of willingly committing suicide as a political strategy.


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