Bar of "Nazi Soap" Sent to Ontario Lab

Published: June 3rd 2010
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The Montreal store selling soap allegedly made from the remains of Holocaust victims.

A bar of soap stamped with a swastika confiscated by Montreal police in March from a local store has been sent to Ontario for analysis.


According to Montreal police, their lab does not have the proper equipment to establish if the soap is made from human remains as was claimed when it was on sale.


Abraham Botines, the Jewish owner of the Montreal shop where the soap was on sale before being taken by police, alleges that the soap is made from the fat of Holocaust victims.


The beige bar of soap has a Swastika stamped on it and was housed in a glass case with a card that said “Poland 1940” on it at Botines’ store. It was placed next to Nazi cigarette packs and mezuzahs.


Results will likely be available by the end of the month. DNA tests done by the Ontario lab will examine the soap at the mitochondrial level, a process that will indicate whether any genetic material originated with humans or animals.


The police are not saying if the lab is a police lab or private.


The soap was taken from the store by police after B’nai Brith complained and the media latched onto the story.


Botines’ shop is a curiosity shop that specializes in World War II memorabilia. He told the media that he had purchased the soap from a Canadian World War II veteran who had been told it was made from people who were killed in Nazi camps.


Jewish historians and Holocaust experts acknowledge that the Nazis had a program that experimented with using fat from the remains of concentration camp victims to make soap but there is no evidence there was ever a program of mass production and Yad Vashem, Israel’s authority on matters pertaining to the Holocaust, has long denied such rumours which surfaced shortly after World War II.

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