Amnesty: Gaza is Still Under Israeli Occupation

Published: June 2nd 2010
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International law says, and laws regarding war apply to all forms of war, that there is an obligation to distinguish between military and civil targets and every response must be proportionate, and the most important principle is to distinguish between a legitimate military target and a civil one. It’s Israel’s obligations as well as all armed organizations. Hamas also has an obligation to abstain from hitting civilians and that’s why we condemned the non-differentiated rocket fire against Israel which is a war crime.


Assuming that a country or another party uses chemical weapons and kills 20,000 people in a certain city, Haifa for example, do we stick to the definition that only military targets are attacked, for example in Syria?


I can’t address speculations of this kind. I can only say what international law says, and it distinguishes between military and civil targets.


In any case?


In any case.


I contacted the IDF in the past regarding conducting dialogue with human rights organizations about military operations. From the list of prohibitions by human rights organizations it appears that during fighting you cannot actually do anything, since almost any action you take in Gaza can endanger civilians, since there are no sterile weapons and no invisible character roaming around Gaza. Does Amnesty have an interest, beyond establishing a list of prohibitions, in conducting discussions with Israel military officials in order to formulate practical operative solutions for operations in built areas where terrorist organizations are located?


I don’t think our role is to advise countries or armed political organizations how to conduct a war. That’s certainly not our role.


Do you not have an interest in this?


It’s definitely not in the mandate of Amnesty International.

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