Walk Raises $350,000 for Bat Yam

Published: June 1st 2010
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Toronto's Jewish community walks with Israel
Pic: UJA Federation
Toronto's Jewish community walks with Israel
Pic: UJA Federation


“We can seize the future because we have the hearts and the minds to do so,” he said. “We regained the power of self-determination after being a powerless people subjected to every evil under the sun.”


Netanyahu finished by saying, “I want to thank you for standing up for Israel and the Jewish people.”


Howard English, Vice President of Strategic Communications at UJA Federation said that Netanyahu’s speech received a “very strongly positive response” among the members of the Toronto Jewish community. “He showed himself to be a champion of Israel’s right to defend itself, a champion of fair play when it comes to judging Israel, and a champion of the unity of the Jewish people and the presence of Israel as the Jewish state,” said English. He added that Netanyahu’s presence “really solidified Toronto’s standing as one of the world’s strongest communities supporting Israel.”


He summarized the walk as a successful event but also an extraordinary one. “It was a walk that was very different from other walks because of the presence of Israel’s Prime Minister. There was an electric atmosphere to this walk. It wasn’t the same as the exciting atmosphere that has been a component of all the walks with Israel.”


English added that about 12,000 people participated in the event and about $350,000 was raised towards the UJA project for Bat Yam. “We were very excited about how the walk went and I think this walk will produce memories for thousands of people for years to come,” he said.

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