Walk Raises $350,000 for Bat Yam

Published: June 1st 2010
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Toronto's Jewish community walks with Israel
Pic: UJA Federation
Toronto's Jewish community walks with Israel
Pic: UJA Federation

He talked about both Israel and Canada having shared values of democracy and human rights. “Canada and Israel are the likeliest and most natural of allies.” He noted that “Israel can always count on our undivided support.”


Kent reiterated that “Those who threaten Israel also threaten Canada.”


He said that even though Israel faces many challenges, including “state-sponsored hate,” a far-reaching peace is attainable. He described it as a “viable peace (that) will be a reality for all the people of the Middle East.”


He said it was a great honour to welcome the Israeli Prime Minister, especially given the last Israeli Prime Minister to address the community was Menachem Begin in 1978 and the last Prime Minister to visit Canada was Yitzhak Rabin 17 years ago.


“We’re all looking forward to working in support of our ally, the democratic State of Israel,” said Kent.


Gerald Schwartz, Tomorrow Campaign co-chair welcomed Netanyahu, his wife Sara and the entire Israeli delegation. He called the Walk “one of the world’s largest Israel solidarity events.”


“You can count on our commitment to Israel and the people of Israel,” he told Netanyahu. “We are honoured by your presence and privileged to have you with us today.”


Netanyahu took the stage to rapturous applause and an audience of 7,000 in attendance.


“I’m delighted to follow in the footsteps (of Rabin and Begin)… to be here in Canada with all of you,” Netanyahu said to enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. He said it was one of the warmest receptions any Israeli Prime Minister has ever received.




Netanyahu, who called Toronto a “beautiful city” full of “beautiful people”, said that the ties between Israel and Canada have never been stronger than they are today. He thanked the people of Canada and our federal and provincial governments, specifically praising Prime Minister Stephen Harper for being such a good friend to Israel.




He also noted the ever-present bond between the Toronto community and the State of Israel.




“This community has a well deserved reputation for its passion and commitment to Israel,” he said. “Though you are thousands of miles away, you show that you are by our side.”


He warmly thanked the community and UJA for their “passion and commitment to Israel.”


“Though you are thousands of miles away, you show that you are by our side,” he said.


Netanyahu said he had one simple message: “March with pride. March with clarity.”


March against those who oppose peace. March for Israelis who yearn for “peace today.”


He noted that Israel is a success today that was barely imaginable 62 years ago at its founding. In 1948, only five per cent of the world’s Jews lived in Israel; today that number is 50 per cent. In 1948, Israel was poor – “We had nothing.” Today, the country is a “high tech power,” said Netanyahu who had come from Paris where Israel received membership into the OECD.

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