The Hypocrisy of the Flotilla Crisis

Published: May 31st 2010
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Condemnation of Israel has become a hobby for many, and following today’s raid by Israeli commandos on the six ships headed to Gaza, they now have more fodder for their uneducated and ill-informed opinions.


The account of what happened this morning has been covered here. Could this regrettable violence have been avoided? Absolutely, but certain parties had no intention of seeing this avoided. The outcry from Arab country leaders has been hypocritical at best. They were aware of what was about to happen yet did nothing, as they knew that the public relations nightmare Israel will face following this mission will be a victory for them. They have been fighting their recent wars through the media, and this is another success in a string of recent victories for Hamas and Israel’s detractors.


While the world watches the fallout of the mission, they are rarely informed of the facts surrounding this provocation. As Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said this week, “If the ships reach Gaza it is a victory; if they are intercepted, it will be a victory too.” They were fully aware that Israel has no means of succeeding in this mission outside of their own personal security concerns. Regardless of the outcome, Hamas could claim victory. As Israeli Minister Danny Ayalon said, “Allowing the illegal flotilla to reach Hamas would have opened a corridor of smuggling of weapons to Gaza and resulting in civilian deaths,” yet blocking the flotilla from arrival will result in continued bad PR and a reason to condemn Israel in front of the rest of the world.


To further their cause, those onboard were well aware of their end result and their violence was preplanned. They were armed with knives and metal bars and greatly outnumbered the IDF soldiers, even though Israel sent in hundreds of soldiers to minimize the violence. As each soldier boarded the ships they were attacked by a mob of extremists who, contrary to their claim, had no peaceful intentions. These extremists brought small children on board with the intention of violating international maritime law, and garnering further sympathy in case any of the children are harmed during the raids. As Al-Jazeera reported, previous to the departure of the flotilla, those onboard were chanting intifada songs and praising martyrdom:


Before the ships set sail, the organizers were approached by Israel and offered safe transport and transfer of the aid to Gaza if they were allowed to perform security checks on the cargo. Israel tried to avoid this exact scenario, but was refused as the end result would have been too peaceful and would have received little media attention. Regardless of Israel’s offer, the organizers of the flotilla had no intention of looking for a peaceful solution. “We fully intend to go to Gaza regardless of any intimidation or threats of violence against us. They are going to have to forcefully stop us,” said one of the flotilla’s organizers.


Israel delivers on average 15,000 tons of supplies and humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza on a weekly basis, yet this point gets no mention. But when they are forced to protect themselves, as would any country that is threatened by a vessel gaining illegal entry into its waters, they are condemned in the media worldwide. It’s a lose-lose situation and the organizers of the flotilla took full advantage of it.

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