A Chocolatey Affair

Published: May 31st 2010
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Luxury Milk Truffle

Burnt almond wood, artistic murals, and an intense chocolatey aroma embodies the warm ambience of Max Brenner Chocolate Restaurant. Cutesy posters decorate the walls, telling you to “Eat More Chocolate.” Half cafe, half retail shop, this place will have your taste buds dancing from the second you step foot in the door.


Max Brenner was started by Israeli marketing geniuses Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner. “Max Brenner” is a clever combination of the creators' names. With multiple locations in the USA, Australia, Singapore, Philippines and Israel, they have cultivated their very own “Max Brenner Chocolate Culture.” At Max Brenner, they believe that “Chocolate is not just about taste. It portrays contradictory aspects of our lives.” Calling all chocolate lovers, this place is wish fulfillment at its best.


The enchanting experience begins with the menu. It is an imaginative storybook with every page more enticing than the next. The first page begins with the story of the fictional character, Max Brenner, and his love affair with chocolate. You will learn about his studies in Paris under spirited chocolatiers, how he met his wife, who “could not go to bed without eating a piece of chocolate,” and his growing passion for both that convinced him to open his very own cafe. Fichtman and Brenner have added the secret ingredient to the ultimate chocolate experience. Now that you are immersed in romance, you are ready to eat the most romantic food in the world: sweet, sultry chocolate. 


At Max Brenner, there is a myriad of choices sure to fulfill any cocoa craving. The menu is filled with photos of mouth-watering desserts to help you make your choice. If you prefer traditional combinations, go for the Chocolate Banana Belgium Waffle, or the Peanut Butter Chunky Chocolate Crepe. For the more adventurous, the Spicy Chocolate Quesadilla or Chocolate Pizza is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. To top it off, a single shot of liquid milk chocolate is provided with every dish. If you want more, there are a variety of sugary beverages on the menu.        .


A dinner menu is offered for those with a savoury tooth. But why order dinner when you can, just this once, order dessert for dinner? Relish the opportunity to unleash those repressed childhood memories of being forbidden ice cream if you didn’t eat your brussel sprouts.


If you can’t wait for your next international trip to have a taste, you can purchase Max Brenner chocolates at this website: http://www.judaicawebstore.com/Category.aspx?categoryID=629

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