Hezbollah Missile Base in Syria

Published: May 28th 2010
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Scud missile

According to satellite photos, Hezbollah terrorists have been living in armed bases in Syria.


The Times of London reported on Friday that these images show Hezbollah members moving about amid an arsenal of Syrian-made missiles in a base in the Syrian city of Adra, close to Damascus.


The same report cited evidence that Hezbollah militants have their own living quarters, armory, and a fleet of supply vehicles used to ferry weapons into Lebanon.


A security source told the U.K. paper that the Hezbollah operatives "often move the arms in bad weather when Israeli satellites are unable to track them."


The Syrian government has denied that its bases are being used by Hezbollah, claiming they are for Syrian military use only. In the beginning of April, however, it was reported that Syria had been transferring scud missiles to the Hezbollah terrorist organization.


Just last month, Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, warned that Hezbollah had acquired Scud missiles, and had been building its missile capabilities.


"There are rockets and missiles in Lebanon in greater quantities and levels of sophistication and this point endangers Israel," Feinstein told AFP.


Both Lebanon and Syria have recently expressed fear of an Israeli attack, after President Shimon Peres accused Syria last month of supplying Hezbollah with long-range missiles capable of hitting major Israeli cities. Damascus has denied the charge and accused Israel of looking for excuses to incite war.


"We obviously have grave concerns about the transfer of any missile capability to Hezbollah through Lebanon from Syria," a senior official to U.S. President Barack Obama said last Friday, following a meeting between Obama and Lebanon Prime Minister Said Hariri.

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