Almost Half of US Supermarket Products Now Kosher

Published: May 27th 2010
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Kosher food



Almost half the products in US supermarkets are now kosher, according to a new survey by KosherToday.


The survey reports that most supermarkets in larger cities carry at least 20,000 kosher certified items, and in many stores the number of kosher products is closer to 25,000 – which is nearly half of all items on supermarket shelves.


There is also a greater volume offered today than ever before, with 125,000 kosher items available. The list is growing as products such as Gatorade gain kosher certification. Some food categories, such as coffee, tea, and cereals, are virtually all kosher.


Nonetheless, independent kosher stores remain popular because they offer more variety than grocery stores, including products with many different kosher certifications.

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