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Published: May 27th 2010
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iPad Apps
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iBooks App
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On May 28th, Canadians, along with several other nationalities, will finally get to experience the most polarizing piece of technology released in recent memory, the iPad. Ask any two people on the street about their opinion on the iPad and you’ll get 3 different points of view.


It’s an incredible machine, it’s useless, it’s unlawful (supposing one of the people was an HTC employee). The conflicting opinions won’t end, yet the iPad has sold at a rate better than the iPhone at launch, so Apple, yet again, has done something right.


I was lucky enough to get the iPad days after its U.S. launch and have been playing on it ever since. I’ve downloaded many apps, and while some of the best apps are not available in Canada, such as the Netfilx App and the ABC app, there are plenty of apps available to form a proper opinion.


Below I’ve listed the top 5 must have apps for your iPad. And if you haven’t purchased one yet, don’t forget to sign-up for our free iPad giveaway here.


1. iBooks/Kindle: The iBooks and Kindle are two separate apps. The iBooks is Apple’s e-book reader and the Kindle is Amazon’s e-book reader. Both have their positives and negatives. The iBooks app gives you access to Apple’s iBookstore and the Kindle allows you to purchase off of Amazon’s website. Based on the book store, Amazon’s offering wins hands down. Amazon has a much larger selection of books and has years of customer reviews available to read, while Apple’s store pales in comparison but will grow over time.


However, when it comes to the app itself and its presentation; the iBook triumphs. The page turning is meant to look like an actual book and is done very well. The bookshelf which holds your books is a novel idea and the overall feel of the app is complete. The Kindle on the other hand is a very good reader, but simplistic when compared to the iBooks app.


That being said, I still prefer the Kindle if only due to the selection of books and their prices, which in many cases are much cheaper than Apple’s offerings. Both apps are free to download.


2. Epicurious: If ever there was an app you could use to convince your wife that the iPad was a necessity, this would be it (assuming either of you actually cook). Epicurious is a free app which packs over 25,000 recipes, along with mouthwatering pictures, and creates the most feature packed recipe app I’ve ever seen. The recipes are taken from Conde Nast publications such as Ruth Reichl’s “The Gourmet Cookbook” and “Bon Appetit”.


One of the coolest features is its shopping list. Once you found some recipes you like, you add them to your shopping list and it organizes all the ingredients needed to make those recipes for shopping. Any ingredients you already have you can easily remove from the list.


3. Marvel Comics: Personally, this is my favourite app on the iPad. Maybe it’s because before this app I hadn’t read a comic book (except Watchmen and Maus) in nearly 20 years, and this app got me back to those childhood memories. Whatever the reason, this app shows the promise of digital comic books.


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