Netanyahus Demand Double Bed

Published: May 25th 2010
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Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara are set to embark on an official trip to France and Canada on Thursday. The couple is scheduled to visit Paris in order to participate in a ceremony welcoming Israel to the OECD. From there they are scheduled to fly to Canada for a diplomatic visit, during which Netanyahu will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and address the Jewish community during Sunday’s Walk for Israel.


Israel’s Globes financial newspaper reported on Monday that the Netanyahu couple has requested that a double bed be installed on the PM’s private plane. As a result, a Boeing 757 which the couple has used until now is not large enough and a new Boeing 767 will need to be leased. This will increase the cost of the couple’s trip by $300,000, the newspaper reported.


A bid launched by the Prime Minister’s Office several days ago asked local airlines to make offers for the Netanyahu couple’s trip to France and Canada. The office subsequently updated the bid with the request for the double bid, causing only El Al to be able to participate, since it is the only airline which owns the Boeing 767 model.


The Prime Minister’s Office was quoted on NRG’s website as saying that PM Netanyahu is expected to arrive in Israel as quickly as possible following his trip to France and Canada, and added that the decision to lease a Boeing 767 rather than a 757 was made since the 767 can make a direct flight from Canada to Israel, while the 757 needs to make a stop to refuel along the way, making for a longer flight time.

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