Springtime for Pink Hitler?

Published: May 25th 2010
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A controversial poster for an Italian clothing company.

A poster for an Italian clothing company featuring Adolf Hitler in a pink Nazi uniform with a red heart arm band instead of a swastika, has many neo-fascists up in proverbial arms.


The poster is an ad for a jeans company called “New Form” in Palermo, Italy, and reads “Change your style, don’t follow your leader.”  Obviously the leader in question happens to be Adolf Hitler.


"We do not understand how the civil authorities allowed the store to display these types of billboards and we demand their immediate removal," wrote a partisan organization of Sicily to Mayor Diego Cammarata.


"This is an insult to the principles of our constitution and to the feelings of our citizens," a member of the opposition in the city council said. Some Palermo citizens have even appealed directly to the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to request help with the removal of the advertisements.


Representatives of the advertising company responsible for the controversial billboard ads have stated that their intention was to ridicule the infamous German dictator, and to encourage young individuals not to be influenced by others when choosing their styles and life perspectives.


The advertising representatives have said that in light of the controversy, they will soon switch the image to one of China’s Communist leader, Mao Tse-Tung.

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