Israel Ranks First on Resilience to Economic Crisis

Published: May 22nd 2010
in Economics » Israel

Stanley Fischer, head of Israel's central bank
Pic: wikimedia commons

According to the International Institute For Management Development Lausanne Switzerland, Israel has placed17th in terms of international competitiveness. This is ahead of countries like China, Finland, New Zealand but after Singapore, US and Hong Kong.  Last year Israel was in 24th place.


On other parameters that the IMD checked, Israel got a high degree or even the first in the world on economic stability in economic crisis or on the activism of the central bank. The report is another sign of support for the continues success of Stanley Fischer, the head of Israel’s central bank.


Israel was also on the first score on research and development relevant to GDP.


Parameters like percentage of involvement in the labour market scored on a lower level. Israel also did not score as well on progress to decrease bureaucracy and the dependence of the impoverished communities on the supportive level.


56 countries were scored for 327 parameters.

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