"Branding Israel is on My Mind"

Published: May 21st 2010
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Rachelle Bronfman
Pic: Rachelle Bronfman

One of Israel's greatest challenges is raising awareness and branding the country as an attractive place to visit. Rachelle Bronfman decided to take action. She visited Israel many times, joining and initiating numerous philanthropic endeavours, including her recently launched fitness tours to Israel – IDF Style.  She is passionate in everything she does for the community from the trips to Israel to bringing Krav Maga training (Israeli self-defence) to all Jewish students through their schools. 

Krav Maga for Jewish students

Rachelle is married to David Bronfman, son of Edward Bronfman, the nephew of Samuel (founder of Seagram, one of the world’s leading alcoholic beverage companies). Edward and his brother founded Edper Enterprises. Rachelle and David have three kids.

She opened a new elite personal training club a year ago. Power Club is situated in the heart of Forest Hill and is focused on personal training. The building that hosts the upscale workout club was renovated from top to bottom. The club is stunning with a fireplace lounge and a rooftop patio, complete with trees and umbrellas for clients. The walls are covered with special concrete; the floors and other décor are influenced by New York and California's leading fitness facilities.


Erez Cohen, an Israeli Judo champion, was hired to be one of the personal trainers in the club. He was one of the top fitness trainers from Israel and trained in the Wingate Institute – a high level training centre for athletes. Bronfman says that everything was selected for comfort: “We always think, ‘What else can we do to help people feel great and reach their specific fitness goals?’ We train a number of top athletes and other TV stars and they all want to get results, so we make sure the most experienced trainers and the highest quality facility is maintained.”

Adults are not the only members of the club. Another part of the club activities is focused on teaching Jewish students the Krav Maga self-defence system as a tribute to the community.


“We have taught hundreds of students and are in contact with dozens of schools to continue to teach their students Krav Maga, the Israeli self-defence martial arts," says Bronfman.

The lessons are provided to high school students in order to build their confidence and provide them with basic tools of self-defence. Instructors from the club go to the school and teach the students.  She emphasizes that especially these days when we hear about events happening on university campuses, students need to have the ability to protect themselves and we are fully engaged in doing this now.  This activity has already been launched at Associated, Forest Hill Collegiate and other schools. Bronfman points out, “I am making sure that students get this training from the most qualified trainers in the country and the students love and appreciate it.”   

The fitness trip to Israel

"Branding Israel was always on my mind," says Bronfman, explaining that the club has a lot of members who have never visited the holy land. She wanted to get people to Israel, ensuring they get fit as well and worked with many people to make this trip unique. Bronfman believes that you cannot imagine or understand Israel unless you visit.


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