Nice Jewish Guys Get Their Spotlight

Published: May 21st 2010
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Jordan D. is featured in the Nice Jewish Guys calendar
Pic: Courtesy of Adam Cohen
A a mock up of the Nice Jewish Girls calendar
Pic: Courtesy of Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen and his staff manning the booth at the L.A. Gift Show
Pic: Courtesy of Adam Cohen

I'm no longer selling online but the 2011 version is going to be at Kitson in Los Angeles, and they have online sales where everyone can order it. I think it'll be up there in a few weeks. When I was doing online sales I was shipping all over the world, including Australia, the U.K., Canada and, to my surprise, only a couple in Israel.  




If you were to make a celebrity version, which Jewish artists would you feature?    


I get this a lot. Jerry Seinfeld? Adam Sandler? But I think the unknown guy has too much more appeal. Sandler already did his Hanukkah song... this is something very different. 




Have you thought about making a nice Jewish girls calendar?


Not only have I thought about it but I made a mock-up. It's just a matter of money. I think I will make a 2012 version that would start selling next year.




What upcoming projects are you working on with your production company?        


My TV company is doing well now. We just shot a series for The Food Network called Cupcake Wars that starts airing in the States in June. We've also sold a show to G4 network here called World Toughest and are into season four of the very racy, guy-centric show called Manswers for the Spike Network. The last one is the No. 1 show on that network. We are in the works on about four pilots now and hope to keep selling so I can finance my Nice Jewish Guys passion.




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