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Published: May 19th 2010
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McDonald's Israel
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McDonald's Israel recently announced that it will be launching a new leaner hamburger, as part of its plan to improve the flavour and overall nutritional value of its menu items.


The fat content of the McRoyal, McDonald's Israel's most popular burger, will now be reduced from 17.5 per cent to 9 per cent. This makes it significantly leaner than its North American counterpart, the Quarter Pounder, with a 19 per cent fat content.


Israel's Big Mac, which has 380 calories, already has 30 per cent fewer calories than a Big Mac in the United States.


Omri Fadan, McDonald's Israel’s owner and chairman, told the Jerusalem Post that the move was a continuation of a process beginning in 2003, when the Israeli versions of the chain were the first to use light canola oil in their cooking.


"Israelis' tastes lean toward healthier foods. In Israel, the preferred toppings on hamburgers are vegetables, whereas in other countries people choose cheese and bacon. The fat content in the meat sold in McDonald's North American restaurants is 20 to 24 per cent; here it will be nine per cent," Fadan explained.


According to Fadan, the reduced fat hamburger also has a better taste, having gone through thousands of taste tests. A nine per cent fat hamburger, it turns out, is also the best ratio for meat having gone through the koshering process, Jerusalem Post reported.


Said Fadan: "The salt in the kashrut process influences the flavour of the fat. We discovered that with less fat, the product tastes better, and didn’t hesitate to make the move."


The announcement arrived in the same week that Burger King, one of McDonald's biggest rivals, decided to leave the country.


McDonald's Israel was also the first to mark each product with its nutritional value, offering full disclosure to its consumers.

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