Hamas Bulldoze Homes in Gaza

Published: May 17th 2010
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Associated Press is reporting that Hamas police have beat and pushed residents of Palestinian homes in Rafah, Gaza. According to the militant group, which rules over Gaza, the homes were illegally built on government land. 


This was the reason attributed to the razing of 30 to 40 homes using bulldozers by Hamas militant police who were armed with clubs.


The police first forced the residents out of their homes. One, by the name of Nazira Abu Jara aged 56, was beat with a club by a policewoman wearing a face veil before she was removed from her home with her husband and two children. Her neighbor, a woman by the name of Miasar Gan, 54, picked through the rubble, standing beside what was once her home. She told AP, “I found my mattress, and that's where I'll be sitting.”


Gan shouted at the police, “They promised reform and change — instead they've destroyed our homes.”


The Israeli Government has been much criticized in the recent past for demolishing civilian homes built illegally due to their lack of military-issued building permits. Now, Palestinians, living in Rafah, Gaza under Hamas rule since July 2007, are experiencing similar treatment by their own Islamic militant government.


Rafah residents have now been left homeless and hopeless, with many not being able to afford to build new homes. Abu Jara told AP that “neighbours help us get by with charity. We can’t afford to build again.”


Some of the families affected by the incident cannot afford to pay the rent of a new home.  However Rafah’s mayor, Issa Nashar, has been reported promising alternative housing to the Palestinian residents. Yet, Gaza’s housing minister, Yousef al-Manni, told AP that he had no information regarding the alternative housing.

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