The Path of Bribery - from Holyland to Cremieux

The connection between the Holyland and Cr�mieux affairs.

Published: May 16th 2010
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Ehud Olmert
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c) The conclusions and the offences
1) Olmert helped Uri Shitrit to receive bribes in return for illegal assistance to the initiators of the Holyland Project;


2) Olmert accepted cash bribes in exchange for his “services” in the Holyland project, bribes passed through his brother Yossi;


3) Shitrit paid back Olmert by later helping him to acquire a luxurious garden apartment in the Crémieux project, by working to provide exceptional approvals that allowed Olmert to purchase the garden apartment at such a significant discount and/or upgrade the value of the property.


d) The petition which is on the way
The connection between these two affairs in an indictment is an inevitable fact; just as an indictment in the Investment Centre affair was inevitable after the Talansky-money envelopes affair was revealed, and the illegal relationship between Olmert and attorney Uri Messer (who was also questioned as a suspect in the Holyland case) became clear, as well the aid that Olmert gave, due to those illegal connections, to Uri Messer’s clients.


State Prosecutor Moshe Lador (who has thus far, along with police investigators, commendably lead the Holyland investigation) would be well to do if he carefully examines the exposed bribery routes between the two affairs, Crémieux and Holyland, and works towards an indictment against Olmert also for the bribes he received in the Crémieux affair.


In any case, it is worth mentioning that in June 2010 the Supreme Court will hear a petition filed by the undersigned regarding the Crémieux affair. At that time the judges will be asked to guide the prosecution to fully prosecute Olmert for the bribes he received in the Crémieux-Holyland affair.


Yoav Yitzhak is the publisher and editor of News1, one of the largest news websites in Israel. The article first appeared in Hebrew in News1 on May 16, 2010 and is being reprinted in English in Shalom Life with his permission.

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