The Right Wing's Bar Mitzvah Video

Published: May 14th 2010
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Aerial view of the Temple Mount.

A new video which has been shown during Bar Mitzvah ceremonies of extreme right activists is causing a political stir.


News website INN reported about the 44-second long video, which begins by showing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from an aerial point of view. IDF aircrafts are then seen bombing the Temple Mount. After the area has been bombed, Jewish music is heard playing and the video ends with animated pictures depicting some of the Jewish temple customs being shown.


The video has been shown at many Bar Mitzvah ceremonies over the past year. Right-wing factors have explained that the video depicts a conceptual revolution which they claim many individuals have gone through in regards to the need to “liberate” the Temple Mount. A parent, who showed the video during his sons’ Bar Mitzvah celebrations, was quoted in INN as saying that the meaning of the video is to cause the Israeli government to liberate the Temple Mount.


Right-wing activist Baruch Marzel was quoted as saying: “This phenomenon reflects the thousand year-old dream of every Jew who prays three times a day for the building of the temple. I certainly can understand the demands on the Israeli government, who has been abusing its central role in recent years and has turned the Temple Mount into an area occupied by the Islamic enemy.”

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