Bar Refaeli's iPad Causes Airport Uproar

Published: May 14th 2010
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Bar Refaeli
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Famous Israeli model Bar Refaeli experienced a little bit of embarrassment on Wednesday at Ben Gurion International Airport.


Yediot Aharonotnewspaper reported on Thursday that Refaeli, who returned to Israel in order to shoot commercials for a local health club chain, chose the green customs path, meaning she had nothing to declare. Her suitcase, however, was examined by the machine.


When the customs people asked Refaeli what is in the suitcase, she replied that there are only clothes in the suitcase. The examination of the suitcase said otherwise: a brand new iPad was found in Refaeli’s suitcase. It was only after she was explicitly asked if she possessed an iPad that Refaeli admitted that she indeed bought one.


According to Israeli law, one is required to pay customs tax on any product whose value is over $200. The fine that is required to be paid by a passenger who has been caught is at least double the customs tax he would have been required to pay had he declared the product to begin with.


Both Refaeli and the iPad have been sources for headlines in Israel. Refaeli has recently been in the headlines after she was urged by extreme rightists to dump her non-Jewish boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio in order to avoid assimilation, and before that she caused a stir when she spoke against mandatory military service in Israel. The iPad has also caused a bit of a stir in Israel: it was banned last month after it was found that its frequencies were incompatible with national standards. The ban was lifted several days later.


Since Refaeli chose not to declare her new $600 iPad as required by Israeli law, she will now have to face the music and pay the fine.

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