Nobu Adilman Puts the 'Jew in Jewpanese'

Published: May 13th 2010
in Culture » Television

Nobu Adilman
Pic: Christopher Wahl


Besides tons of TV pitches, I am producing and directing a short documentary film that pays tribute to Leslie and Clara Reitman, Eastern European immigrants who lost everything many times over then escaped to Canada where they found stability, happiness, and success. They were the parents to Canadian Hollywood legend Ivan Reitman. The family recently donated, in their names, a large plot of land at the corner of King and John St. (formerly operated as a car wash) on which the TIFF Bell Lightbox will showcase year-round programming as well as its huge international film festival. I also produce and host a story podcast - I'm about to release the fourth episode. Micah (from Food Jammers) and I will be speaking at the Subtle Technology conference in June.

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