Nobu Adilman Puts the 'Jew in Jewpanese'

Published: May 13th 2010
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Nobu Adilman
Pic: Christopher Wahl

I read in HEEB that you’re pitching a new series titled Getting to Nobu: Putting the Jew in Jewpanese. Is that true?


As a freelancer I have a bag of shows that I cart around. GTN:PTJIJ is one of them. I grew up a strange mix that was hilariously dubbed by a friend as 'Jewpanese.' There has always been a novelty around my background but since my father didn't teach us much about our Jewish heritage, I've always felt, to a degree, disconnected from it. This show would allow me to explore my roots but also find out the diversity within Judaism. The show has me traveling the world to learn from young and old what it means to be Jewish today. The season finale, I have a bar mitzvah... finally!




Tell me a little bit about the Taxi Gourmet project.


Last year I went down to Buenos Aires to make an interactive documentary for the NFB, with a Toronto company called The Secret Location, to get tips on how to survive a recession (titled Crash Course - it'll be online in June 2010). In my research I found Layne Mosler and her blog Every week Layne randomly flags a cab and asks the cabbie to take her to his/her favourite restaurant. She gets the cabbie's story then eats at the restaurant, ordering what the cabbie would normally eat. She then posts blog entries about the whole adventure. The site spoke directly to me. On top of his daily columns, my father used to write a weekly restaurant review. His rules were that it had to be cheap and high quality so we spent a lot of Sundays driving all over the outskirts of Toronto unearthing rare culinary gems - and the restaurants most often were hole-in-the-walls run by new immigrants. It taught me that food is travel so when I travel I explore food. When Layne moved up to New York last year, we talked about bringing her blog to TV. We're now shopping it around to networks.




What about music. Have you thought about releasing a new album or going on tour?


The last release I had was ten years ago. I promised myself it wouldn't be another ten years before a new one but here I am in the tenth year. When I finally get a new group of songs together, I plan to stage a world tour on one day - enlisting musicians from countries around the world to be me. Mister Nobu will be a franchise. The musicians pretending to be me will have to abide by a set of rules but there will be places for them to add their own flourishes. I'll get everyone to videotape their performances, then create a website to present the Mister Nobu World Tour In A Day. Now I just have to write some songs. I'm also playing in a cover band called The Soundtastics. We have two upcoming shows: June 5, and July 9 at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. We play hits.




What else are you working on?

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