Hamas Reportedly Moving Shalit Twice a Week

Published: May 13th 2010
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Gilad Shalit
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The Hamas members who are guarding captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in Gaza routinely move him from one hiding place to another two times per week, sources with ties to the militant group’s armed wing are revealing, according to Haaretz.


Domestic Gaza news websites have published statements from sources in close contact with Hamas’ Qassam Brigades who say that Hamas constantly changes the location where Shalit is being held out of worry that Israel is planning a “selective military operation to free Shalit.”


The site also quoted the sources as saying, “Hamas is smart enough to keep Shalit’s hideout a top secret.”


Up until now, attempts by German and Egyptian mediators to reach a deal on a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas have not succeeded. Hamas is insisting on the release of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in return for Shalit.


The Gaza news sources also reported that the Qassam Brigades have arrested a number of Palestinians this week for supposedly attempting to find where Shalit is being help and report the location to Israel.


Shalit has been held captive by Hamas since June 2006 when he was kidnapped by the militant group during a cross-border raid on an Israeli military base in the south.

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