Anti-Semitic Facebook Page Amasses over 10,000 Fans

Published: May 11th 2010
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Anti-Semitic Facebook page with 10,000 fans

Anti-Semitic websites are nothing new, although one has recently garnered attention for its inordinate number of fans, using the popular networking tool, Facebook, Haaretz.


The Facebook page in question is dedicated to anti-Semitic posts and images, published daily by its fans, and includes graphic images and profanity against Jews, Israel and the United States.


The page depicts the Nazi symbol titled "We will return to power," alongside many pictures of Adolf Hitler, and posts dedicated to Jews such as "Go back to the camps."


Among suggestions for solutions for the "Jewish virus," the site also displays pornographic images alongside derogatory remarks about the Holocaust and the Middle East conflict.


Upon searching for the page, entitled “F*** Israel”, several other sites popped up within Facebook bearing the same title, although it seems perhaps this most recent page has been recently deleted, or privacy settings altered.


“Hate moves very rapidly on the internet and the demonization of Israel and the Jewish people by a coalition of hate mongers encourages this kind of activity on the internet,” a B’nai Brith spokesperson told Shalom Life.


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator, initially established the social networking site specifically for the use of Harvard students. The website grew so popular, however, that he decided to open its use up to students at other universities as well, and in 2006, it was made accessible to everyone.


Last week it was made public that Facebook has nearly half a billion members worldwide – more than any other social network online.

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