Ozzy Osbourne Announces Israel Concert

Published: May 10th 2010
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Ozzy Osbourne

It looks like a fan’s wish has just been granted. On October 9, 2007, “Meg Fan” posted a request on Ozzy Osbourne’s official site for the British rocker to hold a concert in Israel. Fast forward to the present and it looks like Osbourne will finally make that wish come true.


As part of his summer-fall 2010 tour, Osbourne will be stopping by Tel Aviv on September 28. The event will be held in Heyarkon Park and it looks like “Mega Fan” is not the only one who has been anticipating Ozzy’s arrival.


On the official site, a fan named “Gavriel” commented on Osbourne’s tour dates page. “Gavriel” thanked Osbourne (whose wife Sharon is half-Jewish) for “answering our prayers” and ended the comment with, “May the love of Ozzy unify us all!”


For tour dates and more information, visit www.ozzy.com.

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