Man Behind Security Gag Revealed

Published: May 9th 2010
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Amir Makhoul


Ittijah focuses on the protection of organizations, networking, coordination, and promotion of the nongovernmental organizations within the green line and the entire Palestinian civil society sector. It is active in the areas of training, institutional and organizational empowerment, advocacy, and the management of local and international campaigns to protect the Arab organizations and increase international awareness of the situation of the Palestinians within the Green Line as part of the Palestinian cause. Ittijah shares the concerns and seeks to integrate the roles of the civil society organizations, political parties and municipalities in order to protect and consolidate the Palestinian rooted existence in the homeland.


Ittijah has a special UN ECOSOC Special consultative status, is a founding member of the “Euro-Mediterranean Civil Forum» and a member of the International Committee of the «World Social Forum». It played a preeminent role in a number of Arab and international forums, notably the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance held in Durban in 2001, and in the organization of the Arab Networking (Tawasul) Conference among civil society institutions held in Cairo in 2002. Ittijah is the founder and coordinator of the work of the «Commission for the coordination of Palestinian civil action in the homeland and Diaspora». Ittijah also actively participates in several local coordinating frameworks, such as the chairmanship of the «Public Committee for the Defense of Freedoms» to confront Israeli political pursuits and the membership of the «Committee against Civil Service.» Both committees emanate from the Higher Follow-Up Committee of the Arab Community.


Ittijah carries out various activities and projects to achieve its objective of institutionally empowering and networking of Arab organizations. It organizes courses on «Resource Development Training», «Training of Trainers», and «Good Governance». It also organizes the «Forum of Member Organizations’ Chairpersons and Directors» as an expanded coordinating body of the leadership of civil action. The forum discusses basic and key issues and coordinates work among the organizations. Ittijah also publishes a quarterly called «Qadaya Jamyeh» (Issues of an Organization), which provides a platform for Palestinian, Arab, and international civil society action. Ittijah’s website constitutes a basic interactive resource for civil society and all those interested at the local and international levels. (Source:


NGO Monitor ( reports that Itijah is being financially supported by the EU, CORDAID, ICCO, Christian Aid, EuroMed, Open Society Institute and Israel New Fund “NIF” (the latest at least till 2004).

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