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Published: May 9th 2010
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Amir Makhoul

Amir Makhoul, a Palestinian activist and citizen of Israel, is standing at the front of a new gagged security affair. According to I’LAM, Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel, an Israeli Palestinian activist was just arrested by the Israeli security services, with police forces seizing his computers, cellular phones and documents taken from his house and office. Israeli bloggers identified the detainee as Amir Makhoul. Two days after Operation Cast Lead started, I published an interview with Amir Makhoul on News1 ( The interview sheds a light on his positions regarding terrorism.


The Israeli Itijah, an umbrella for Arab NGO organizations that is supported by the EU, published an official announcement on December 29, 2008 accusing Israel of carrying out a policy of genocide and terrorism in the Gaza Strip.


“The State of Israel who deliberately decided to attack masses of civilians, to destroy hospitals, mosques and universities, is a terrorist state committing genocide, extermination, war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Itijah’s announcement stated. “The Palestinian and international civil society have already been acting to bring Israel’s political and military leaders to justice in the international courts of law designated for war criminals... the Israeli society as a whole is also complicit for its silence on the massacre. The history teaches us that the dark regime will not only bear responsibility for its deeds, but also the complicit masses who support it.”


In a interview held on December 29, 2008 Amir Makhoul, chairman of Itijah, referred in details to his views on Operation Cast Lead, the Hamas government and launching rockets at Israeli communities.


Q. What concrete measures does your organization intend to take?


A. We are leading a public struggle which includes the general demonstration that was held today and other demonstrations all around the country. We’re also striving to make the struggle more organized in order to put an end to the policy of massacre. At the same time, we are working internationally to initiate campaigns urging the boycott of Israel and organizing demonstrations against international entities that cooperate with Israel, including the US, the EU, UN and governments like Egypt and Palestinian Authority in the West Bank [headed by Abu Mazen].


Q. The announcement says that you are working to bring the culprits to justice in international courts of law.


A. Yes, Yes. We do... The way we follow in this regard is not to be published. There is certain discretion around it and our actions in the international arena are effective.


Q. Who are your targets?


A. Our targets are the Israeli government’s Ministers, Minister of Defence, Army commanders in Gaza and elsewhere, Air Force commander and field commanders. There are number of people who are partners in crime. We do not intend to publish their names now as they may defend themselves in reaction.


Q. Do you assert that all Israeli people are complicit?


A. We didn’t say all, but its masses. We didn’t say all. There are sections opposing [the government’s policy] and struggling against the occupation. We are referring to those who support [the government’s policy]. We don’t refer to them. We refer only to the supporters, the masses supporting the policy of the government and they will bear their responsibility. It happens in any country and any people who suffered crimes or any people whose government committed crimes.


Q. What do you mean by saying that they will be complicit?


A. The German people were still complicit for the crimes of their regime [in World War 2].


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