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Published: May 6th 2010
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David Evans looking at the nest of eggs
Pic: Shalom Life
The egg clutch with embryos
Pic: Shalom Life
Dan Rahimi
Pic: Shalom Life

The Royal Ontario Museum will be adding a brand-new exhibit inside its venue later on this week, but it may just be the oldest collection yet. 


As part of the Out of the Vaults series, a new exhibit titled Dinosaur Eggs & Babies: Remarkable Fossils from South Africa will be launched to the public on May 8. Associate curator and “dinosaur kid of the ROM” David C. Evans led a research team in a site called Rooidraai in Golden Gate Highlands National Park in South Africa. After six years of trekking the land of South Africa, Evans returned to Toronto. With the help of the ROM staff, it took another year to clean and prepare 11 specimens that are estimated to be 190 million years old.


The Dinosaur Eggs & Babies exhibition includes two fully-mounted dinosaur skeletons, dinosaur eggs, embryos, fossilized hatchling and a series of dinosaur skulls. It also features a hands-on hatchling model and audiovisual consoles. In a special media preview, Dan Rahimi, gallery development vice president, told Shalom Life why Evans’ discovery serves as a great asset to the gallery.


“It’s remarkable how incredibly rare it is to find embryos. You can find eggs. Eggs are not uncommon,” Rahimi said. “Here the egg was fossilized and somehow because of the nature of the egg and the sediments around it, very fine specimen penetrated the egg and fossilized the embryo itself. That’s incredibly unusual.”


The 800-square-foot exhibition will be displayed from May 8 to July 4 at the James and Louise Temerty Gallery of the Age of Dinosaurs and Reed Gallery of the Age of Mammals on Level 2 of the museum. The opening day will also be accompanied with a Dinosaur Family Fun Weekend events, which will be free upon purchase of admission tickets.


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