OPP still Investigating Anti-Semitic Website

Published: May 6th 2010
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CJC CEO Bernie Farber
Pic: CJC

Ontario Provincial Police are still investigating anti-Semitic online posts that advocate genocide against Jews two months after a student linked to the website in question was suspended by York University.


The site, Filthy Jewish Terrorists, was recently updated with several articles on last week’s failed Times Square bombing. The posts claim that “Jewish terrorists” trying to “frame innocent Muslims” were responsible for the unsuccessful attack. One article says that Jews should “start getting rounded up and executed,” including “Jewish (NYC) mayor Michael Bloomberg who is in on this scam.”


“In my view, and I’ve been around issues of hate crime for a very long time, this is as bad as it gets,” said Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber. “I would be shocked if this didn’t result in some kind of legal action. We of course hope that it’s going to be very soon because these are more than threats. These are absolute calls for violence and calls for genocide and they can no longer be tolerated.”


In April, York confirmed that student Salman Hossain was no longer attending the university. A month earlier, Hossain had been suspended by York pending the outcome of a disciplinary tribunal after the OPP and Toronto Police Service began investigating the Mississauga, Ont. resident for authoring the anti-Semitic online postings.


Farber told Shalom Life that CJC is in regular contact with the OPP and that they have utmost confidence the case is being closely examined.


“It’s a complicated case because we’re dealing with computer technology in which much must be proven,” Farber said. “This isn’t just a case of scrawling on a bathroom wall or a bridge. ISPs have to be taken into account. Many technical issues have to be taken into account and worked through properly.”


OPP spokesperson Sgt. Pierre Chamberland said that the OPP hate crimes extremist unit is “conducting an investigation to determine if any criminal offensives have been committed. The investigation is still ongoing.”


In his posts, Hossain calls himself a “regular Muslim supporting the jihad overseas.” He also claims to know the ringleader of the Toronto 18 terrorist plot.


“It’s a high priority for us,” OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino said in a recent interview with the National Post. “It’s regrettable that this kind of hate mongering is evident in our country but, you know, nonetheless, we do what we can.”


Fantino added that police have received a lot of complaints about Hossain and are doing what they can. While he said he felt the site was “crossing the line significantly,” the investigation is taking time because it hinges on free speech rights.


“It adds complexities,” he said. “If you recall how long the likes of Ernst Zundel went on and on and on with his hate-mongering and all of that, it took a long time to basically kick him out of the country.”


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