Illegal Settlements Evacuated by IDF

Published: May 6th 2010
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Settlements due for demolition due to their illegal construction
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The Israeli Defense Forces demolished two homes in the Hashmonaim neighbourhood located in the Northern West Bank Thursday. The IDF were faced with hundreds of Jewish protesters who resisted the razing of households in the neighbourhood that were due for demolition due to their illegal construction. The homes were said to have been violating the 10-month West Bank construction freeze, according to the JTA.


One of the Jewish families along with many other protesters barricaded the third home set to be levelled due to its illegal construction. The third home was a three-story building belonging to a family that had allegedly invested NIS 2 million in the property, Ha’aretz reported. The family attempted to prove the legality of the building’s construction but was escorted off the premises by force. Due to the enormous amount of resistance from the Jewish settlers and owners of the households, the IDF were incapable of demolishing the third household.


Earlier this week, a synagogue, created in honour of Rabbi Meir Kahane, was demolished with much resistance from Jewish settlers in the West Tapuah outpost of the West Bank. The synagogue was cleared of its holy texts and later demolished on the account that it had been constructed illegally. Approximately 17 settlers resisting the dismantlement were arrested, including a woman who pushed one of the IDF soldiers off the rooftops of one of the buildings. The IDF also earlier this week have demolished several buildings in the northern West Bank settlement of Shavei Shomron, JTA reports.


Proximity talks and peace negotiations were stalled due to the construction in East Jerusalem located in the West Bank. After the 10-month freeze of settlements in the West Bank, Jewish settlements have continued to be demolished with resistance from settlers. The IDF troops however did not dismantle the nearby trailer homes in the Hashmonaim neighbourhood, which has led to accusations that the Israeli government is not taking the demands of the US seriously in dismantling illegal outposts.

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