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Published: May 5th 2010
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Yotam Solomon (left) walking down the runway after a show.
Pic: Photo courtesy of Miki Barth
Yotam Solomon collection
Pic: Photo courtesy of Alek and Steph
Verre Pump campaign
Pic: Photo courtesy of Miki Barth

When Yotam Solomon became the youngest designer to show at Los Angles Fashion Week, it became clear the Israeli-born designer would keep on growing. The 23-year-old prodigy has since become a celebrity favourite, dressing young stars like Twilight’s Nikki Reed and Victoria’s Secret Angels.  


Shalom Life caught up with Solomon – who continues to promote eco-friendly living through his brand – to talk about his recent LG commercial with fashion icon Victoria Beckham, his childhood in Haifa and his upcoming projects.




When did you first realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?


I had a great niche for fashion from a young age. Growing up, I wanted to first focus on my musical studies. Since I can remember I predicted trends and analyzed ensembles, always thinking about ways to better garments and accessories.


Fashion is an amazing art medium that affects our society and allows us to express our style and aesthetics on a daily basis. We can really achieve so much through fashion which reflects our ideas and beliefs. It’s my great pleasure to work with my private clientele as I am commissioned to design custom made Avant Garde designs as well.




You were just featured in a series of vignettes and commercials alongside Victoria Beckham for the LG Lotus Elite. What was that like?


It was a great pleasure to work with Victoria Beckham, as she is a true icon and an amazing individual. LG is a wonderful brand, where I had a wonderful experience shooting with director Doug Keeve and the amazing team that has produced this segment. It is all about fashion and technology and I'm looking forward to expand my career around this innovative practice.




You’re one of the youngest designers to show at L.A. Fashion Week. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers? 


I believe one of the most important steps in success is working with a meaning, where you’re able to have a cause by helping others, and creating a unique product that can better the environment and our society.


Its important to work with others and make connections with the correct individuals. Always push yourself to the next level and accept constructive feedback.


What was it like growing up in Haifa and has that influenced your designs?


My childhood memories compose a beautiful story that I will cherish forever. Haifa is a majestic harbour city in Israel. I grew up in the Carmel mountain in a modern architectural style penthouse that overlooks both the mountains and the Mediterranean sea.


I was strongly influenced by my European roots, Israeli culture, and the Middle Eastern cultures at the same time. There are many ideals and different flavours that I was able to be lucky enough to grow up with, which have influenced my development as a musician and as a designer.




A lot of young Hollywood actresses like Nikki Reed are wearing your collections. What do you think attracts them to your line?


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