Glee Scores Hits and Misses with 'Bad Reputation'

Published: May 5th 2010
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Rachel checks the "Glist"

The theme of last night’s episode of Glee, “Bad Reputation,” was appropriate considering the lukewarm reception Glee has received since returning with new episodes in April. After someone from New Directions starts posting a “Glist” around school – a weekly ranking of the hottest members of Glee Club in descending order – Will sets out to find the culprit, and has the club remake a song with a ‘bad reputation’ as a way of learning to improve their own reputations.


After rushing back into action in April and not giving new characters the setup they deserved, Glee could do with a little reputation rehab of its own.  We thought this episode was just all right – it had some great moments and ones that fell flat, but overall, the show still hasn’t reached the heights of the first part of the season.


For example, was a “glist” really the best they could do to create drama on the show? These premises for Figgins to threaten to disband the club are getting flimsier, and considering all the name-calling, bullying and rampant slushie-throwing that has gone on before, it didn’t even seem so bad. We all know the club isn’t going anywhere before Regionals, so Will’s solemn “…or glee club is over” intonations just don’t carry the suspense they almost used to.


Still, it was funny to see the normally ‘good kids’ try to toughen up their reputations, and the musical numbers that tried to do this were outstanding. The fun gets started with a choir-room group dance to “Ice Ice Baby,” then a library performance of “U Can’t Touch This” in parachute pants. Olivia Newton-John’s and Sue’s remake of “Physical” easily lived up to its hype, and was only overshadowed by the hilariously melodramatic remake of “Run Joey Run,” where Rachel tries to become a “musical slut” by triple-casting Finn, Puck, and Jesse in the role of her boyfriend – without their knowledge of the others. (It also contains the single funniest usage of Sandy Ryerson in Glee so far, as the shotgun-toting dad.)


Sue’s heart-to-hearts with her sister were moving without being sentimental, and as usual, her mean-spirited advice (this time to Emma) always has an uncomfortable ring of truth in it. But the highlight of the show – well, aside from the hyper-passionate “Run Joey Run” video – had to be Rachel and Puck’s almost-reunion in her bedroom. Even though her heart is with Jesse, we can’t blame Rachel for looking so smitten when he tries to seduce her. “Whoever made that Glist is going to put you at number one when he finds out you cheated on that Jesse kid with me,” he growls. “Besides, Jesse will never fully understand what it means to be a Jew.”


And then leans over to kiss her. Swoon.



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