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Published: May 5th 2010
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Nikki Yanofsky
Pic: Jeff Lipsky
Album cover
Nikki Yanofsky
Pic: Jeff Lipsky

Sixteen year-old Nikki Yanofsky has been ‘wowing’ crowds with her incredibly soulful voice from a very young age. I first met her when she was only thirteen and had already performed with the likes of Michael Buble and in settings such as Massey Hall and Carnegie Hall. Since that time she has blossomed into what we see today -- a vibrant and extraordinarily talented young woman.


With her debut self-titled studio album in stores and her success with the Olympic theme song “Believe,” her career is accelerating rapidly. Shalom Life had an opportunity to catch up with Nikki while she was on a promo tour this week.


When on a (promo) tour, what comfort food/items do you bring along with you?
My laptop!! I need to be connected.


When performing, do you have any pre-show rituals?
Yes. I warm up for 25 minutes before.


You’re still in high school. How do you manage a career and your studies?
Good question! I just kinda bring my work on the road and do it on planes, and then when I go back to school I'm all caught up.


In a ‘word,’ how would you describe your Olympic experience singing Stephan Moccio and Alan Frew's “I Believe?”


Do you sing in the shower? What do you sing?
Yes!! It’s my favourite place to sing. I sing whatever is in my head.


Who coined the phrase “Nikkanese?”


How would you describe your new album?
Very eclectic. It has so many different genres on it (deliberately) so you really get to know me through the words and you see what kind of music I love.


How long did you work on the new album?
Almost two years but the actual recording took about two months.


To date, what is your favourite career moment (whether it be a performance or meeting someone)?
Probably singing "O Canada" at the Olympics, but every career experience is something unto itself. Action defines character, so everything I do shapes who I am.


What do you do during your downtime?
Music!! I do it allll the time!


Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers?
Justin Bieber! Gotta support the fellow Canadians!!


Being a part of the Young Artist for Haiti was a lovely collaboration. Who else would you like to collaborate with?
I have a whole list: Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Jay-Z, Aretha Franklin, John Mayer, John Legend, Paul Simon, sooo many more. Dream big, right??


If you had three wishes, what would you ask for?
Maybe writing a tune with one of the artists mentioned above? Haha (Original eh!)


What was the nicest thing a fan said to you?
I love hearing that I've moved some fans to tears. It moves ME to tears!! Lol!




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