Anti-Zionist Moshe Hirsch Dies

Published: May 3rd 2010
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Members of Neturei Karta

Moshe Hirsch, orthodox Rabbi, leader of anti-Zionist organization Neturei Karta, and appointed advisor to the former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, died on Sunday in Jerusalem.


He passed in his home in Jerusalem’s Mea She’arim neighbourhood. He was 86.


Neturei Karta denounces the existence of Israel, referring to the nation as “occupied Palestinian territory.”  Hirsch was the leader of the organization and regarded himself as the successor of Rabbi Amram Blau and Leib Weisfish, former leaders of Neturei Karta.


Born in New York, Hirsch attended a rabbinical academy in New Jersey before immigrating to Israel. He embraced the enemies of Israel and worked as the appointed advisor for late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.


Hirsch’s ties with Arafat, who died in 2004, date back to 1980 when the Palestinian leader lived in Tunis. He was appointed the advisor on “Jewish affairs” when the Palestinian authority was established.


“We consider Rabbi Hirsch a part of the Palestinian people," said Hatem Abdel Qader, the appointed advisor on Jerusalem affairs to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Qader has stated that he would participate in getting a Palestinian delegation to pay respects to the Rabbi.


Hirsch has been criticized by some as extreme, even by other anti-Zionist Jewish groups. In 2006, the Neturei Karta received criticism even within their own group for their trip to Tehran, Iran. There, the organization sent a delegation to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust-denial conference in Iran, Haaretz reported.


According to Associated Press,the group also supports Gaza’s Hamas rulers, and the Lebanese Hezbollah militants. Some group members have upheld the belief that only the Messiah can build a Jewish state. Others, including Hirsch’s son and successor Israel Meir Hirsch, support the building of ties with Israel’s enemies.


For Qader, Hirsch “is one of the Palestinian Jews whom we give all respect and this is to confirm that our problem is not with the Jews as a religion, it's with Zionism."


Hirsch was buried Sunday, leaving behind three children and a brother.

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