Democrats Push Obama to Move Forward on Israel

Published: April 29th 2010
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US President Barack Obama
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President Barack Obama is being pushed by the Democratic majority in US Congress to move forward in its plans for a peace process in Israel as well as sanctions against Iran and its ongoing nuclear threat to Israel’s security. A joint Senate-House of Representatives conference is meeting in an attempt to reach common ground in the proposal of the Iran Sanctions Act as a move to quicken Obama’s pace on the matter.


Other moves within the Democratic majority to move Obama’s administration forward in the development of peace in Israel with protection against the nuclear threat include a letter sent to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding their concern with Obama’s administration and their continuous acceptance of Palestinian demands as a precursor to the development. Reid did not join his 80 colleagues in drafting the letter.


However he sent his own stating: “I...believe that the United States should clearly and unequivocally state our continuing support for Israel and reiterate the unbreakable bond between the two nations…. I hope that the Obama Administration will do everything possible to reduce recent tensions with Israel while reaffirming the need to move forward with the peace process. I urge you to encourage both sides to participate in direct negotiations, which Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu has already agreed to do.”


Senator Reid also said that “A secure Israel is in our national interest.” This is contrary to President Obama’s reasoning behind the advancement of the PA position to uphold an Arab state beside Israel to be part of national security interests in the United States.


Other Democrats have also expressed concern with Obama’s public condemnation of Israel’s construction of residences for Jews in East Jerusalem, including New York Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Anthony Weiner. Obama’s condemnations demonstrate a lack of recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the capital following the reunification of Jerusalem following the Six Day War in 1967.


Senator Reid wrote to Hillary Clinton also stating “We cannot allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon which would threaten Israel, our allies in Europe, and our own national interests…we must move forward with a peace process that protects the security of Israel. I strongly believe that our relationship with Israel makes the United States more secure. We cooperate on critical intelligence matters, work together on weapons systems, and rely on Israel as our ally in a volatile part of the world.”


This is in opposition to US army generals and Obama advisors that the failure to establish a Palestinian state has been stalling action against Iran on its nuclear weapons program.

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