A Clothing Brand with 'Chutzpah'

Published: April 29th 2010
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"I Love Bagels" shirt
Pic: KosherHam.com
"I Put the 'oy' in goy" shirt
Pic: KosherHam.com
Zac Efron shirt
Pic: KosherHam.com

What has been your most popular selling item this year?  


We just added hoodies this past month, and they're selling like tickets to a one-night Barbara Streisand show at the Miles Nadal JCC!! Our Kosher Ham logo tees and Attack Of The Pig are our best sellers, but our pop-culture and Jewish humor tees sell well too. One of the biggest challenges is deciphering what's going to sell well and what might be clicked on but rarely bought (it's happened). 




It’s no secret that Perez Hilton loves your Zac Efron T-shirt. How did he hear about Kosher Ham?


We've been featured by some extraordinarily cool and niche publications and media outlets like Thrillist.com (leading men's lifestyle guide) and Us Weekly, and uncovered by top indie apparel bloggers on the web. I realize how important marketing, customer service and keeping our fans engaged are for the success of Kosher Ham.    




Some of your shirts feature Natalie Portman, Larry David and other celebrities. Have any of them reacted to the shirts?  


We've recently had the pleasure of serving up Kosher Ham gear to NFL superstar Chad Ochocinco, critically acclaimed actor-director Eli Roth, the cast and crew of reality shows such as Celebrity Rehab, Steven Adler of Guns N' Roses, and thousands of mensches and sarcastic people that love our iconic pig and all things Kosher Ham.




You’ve already expanded to other items like tote bags and hoodies. Are you thinking about expanding into other areas?  


You've heard it hear first - baby and toddler clothing will be hitting the site this month (May 2010)! We're introducing our line of Lil Kosher Ham within the next few weeks!  We're in a handful of retail stores across the States, but we're really looking to gear up by entering more boutiques, gift shops, and increasing our awareness. We're not one of these fly-by-night apparel companies that come and go. What sets us apart from our competition is that we pay tribute to our roots and recognize the cultural importance of Jewish humour. Anyone can come up with a funny idea for a shirt, but we're looking to expand the brand Kosher Ham and what it means to Jews, their non-Jewish friends, and everyone that gets a kick out of sarcastic, light-hearted humour.




If you were to make a Canadian-themed Kosher Ham shirt, what would be on it?  


Canada: America's Yarmulke, and then we'd have an image of the U.S. with an oversized yarmulke with some payos coming out of Seattle and Boston. If that's too Jew-ish, we'll do the stereotypical "Ehhhh, B, C" joke. Sorry, Canada, we went there.




Do you have a personal favourite T-shirt?  


Let's just say I haven't had to go T-shirt shopping in quite a long time. That's like asking a parent to pick his favourite child....short answer -- the Kosher Ham logo shirt is my favourite.  

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