A Clothing Brand with 'Chutzpah'

Published: April 29th 2010
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"I Love Bagels" shirt
Pic: KosherHam.com
"I Put the 'oy' in goy" shirt
Pic: KosherHam.com
Zac Efron shirt
Pic: KosherHam.com

You won’t find Kosher Ham T-shirts in your Bubbie’s closet, but you will find them in the closets of celebrities like Eli Roth, Perez Hilton and Guns N’ Roses’ Steven Adler.


Their T-shirts feature slogans like “I put the ‘oy’ in goy”  and “I love bagels,” as well as lines like “I Efron Love You” (in honour of Zac Efron) and “Jewish Girls Are Hot” (with an image of Natalie Portman) – and those are the tamer ones.  


Kosher Ham president Jeremy Bloom dishes on how he came up with the brand’s name, what prompted him to start the company and what he would feature on a Canadian-inspired T-shirt.




What’s the process for creating new shirts at Kosher Ham?  


It all starts with some ham.  Wearing anything else just isn't kosher!




How much time goes into crafting a shirt?  


Sometimes 15 seconds while surfing the web, reading news and blogs, or going for a run, while some ideas take a few days to develop because we love to get our Facebook fans and Twitter friends (facebook.com/KosherHamTees and twitter.com/kosherham) involved. We give away free Kosher Ham gear to our fans each and every week. We provide our customers with multiple options (10 colours, 10 sizes) for adult shirts printed on American Apparel.  We print our shirts on-demand so our customers can choose their own colour. 




Who came up with the brand's name?


I give a lot of credit to my family, friends, and fans, but the idea came to me when I was doing what most nice Jewish boys do - drinking pints of Guinness and shots of Jameson in the middle of winter on a Saturday afternoon!  I figured if everyone can celebrate "Being Irish" with a bunch of punny merchandise for one day a year, why in the world can't we do the same thing with Jewish culture?  I made a shirt that said Irish Chicks Love My Kosher Corned Beef to wear out for St. Patrick's Day. Throughout the day and night, dozens of random people asked where I bought my shirt and if they could take pictures with me.  While thoroughly engaging in Irish celebration and culture that day, the phrase “kosher ham” popped into my head.




How has the company expanded since it started?  


It was hard getting people to believe me when I told them I started a company called Kosher Ham Ventures, LLC.  I was initially creating the site, working with designers, filing for business licenses/trademarks, and pressing and shipping out every individual shirt every night of the weekend. My close friend, Ian Harrison, has helped me from the beginning by creating a plan, structuring the budget, managing the books, modeling shirts, and ultimately doing anything and everything in between. My fiancée Sally has been incredibly supportive by giving up numerous nights and weekends to assist me with logistics and shipping. My sister, Julie, helps out on a marketing/social media front, as a go-to model, and a slew of friends help out by modeling and ultimately supporting Kosher Ham's vision and growth. Since 2008, we've sold thousands of shirts throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. 




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