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Published: April 29th 2010
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Daniel Heshkovtiz, Israeli Minister for Science

Israel is a very small country and lacks natural resources, but her contribution to science and technology is far above other and much bigger countries. The secret of success lies in developing human resources, education and striving for creativity and excellence.


Daniel Heshkovitz, Israeli Minister for Science, reviewed in a conference held today at the Mandel Institute for Education and Society, the outstanding Israeli achievements as well the challenges the country faces in keeping its technological edge. “Israel,” he said proudly, “is a space superpower, and reached a progress even ahead of the US in developing three types of technologies and based on that, last January NASA’s chairman visited Israel and proposed a partnership in advanced technology.”


Hershkovitz regretted the decline in the numbers of Israeli students who chose to study sciences and engineering and the ongoing phenomena of brain drain. “Unfortunately, we are witnessing Israeli brain drain to other countries,” he said. “The training of each scientist costs Israel around one million dollars, and nowadays there are about 3,000 Israeli PhD graduated scientists who are working abroad. Those countries in which they are hired take advantage of the Israeli scientists. Israel invested in their studies and training and they benefit from their knowledge for free. Israel virtually subsidies the West with 3 billion dollars.” According Hershkovitz, in comparison to other countries, Israel invests the biggest rate of its GNP in research, totalling 5 per cent.

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